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War of the Worlds - Season 3

TV Series, Color 2022, 8 Episodes x 52min

Creator Howard Overman

After successfully securing the safety of all humanity in Season 2, Professor Bill Ward finds his heroic actions rewarded with a life sentence in prison. Further estranged from his family, Bill shuts himself off from the increasingly worrying global news; people around the world are simultaneously starting to be plagued by visceral hallucinations that point to the original alien attack in Season 1. Meanwhile, Adina has returned, and she leads a fatal attack on a police station to further her cause: bringing humanity to a violent, nightmarish end. This leads Zoe, a serving MI5 Officer, to see out the man she keeps seeing in visions of her own. Keen to find out more, she tries to enlist Bill, who eventually shares the painful secret behind his sacrifice. In France, Doctor Catherine Durand is shocked to discover something happening in space that she cannot seem to explain. Determined to learn more, and to stop the hallucinations that are torturing her younger sister Sophia, Catherine heads to the UK. With most of the survivors from Season 2 reunited, it's down to them to put the pieces together and stop another global disaster.