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War of the Worlds - Season 2

TV Series, Color 2020, 8 Episodes x 1h

Creator Howard Overman

After a series of brutal losses, the human survivors of the alien attack mount their own fight to take back their planet. It's four months after the initial attack and Bill has discovered more and more about the aliens. Most shocking of all are the undeniable similarities between the humans and the aliens - but Bill can't find any possible explanation. And most similar of all to the aliens is Emily. But just what is her strange connection to the alien invaders? In France, we're reunited with Catherine and Sophia who must deal with new personal problems alongside the external threat of the aliens. And when Catherine is dealt her most crushing blow yet, she throws herself into a new project: finding Professor Bill Ward. With the human resistance struggling, the sheer desperation to survive will drive some to contemplate taking extreme measures. Could someone be willing to sacrifice one of their own in order to save mankind?