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(L' Amour flou)

TV Series, Color 2021, 9 Episodes x 26min

Director Romane Bohringer

Based on a true story and adapted from the movie "In the Move for Love" (L'Amour Flou), this is the story of Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot. After 10 years as a couple, with two kids they adore and a dog, Romane and Philippe are not in love anymore. They still love each other a lot, maybe too much to completely split up. So, to the confusion and bewilderment of their loved ones they've come up with a novel concept: the "Separtment"; two separate apartments that connect through the children's bedroom! They live in this unique set-up, which has proven to be miraculous in many ways. The tensions between Philippe and Romane have all but disappeared and now they speak the language of friendship. The children seem thrilled to have both parents at home but the daily life of the Rebbot-Bohringer family is just as crazy and chaotic as ever.