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Two Lives


(Dos vidas)

TV Series, Color 2021, 255 Episodes x 1h

Julia, 36 years old, feels hemmed in her life in contemporary Madrid... Her dreams to become a fashion designer are gone... and she discovers that her husband-to-be is planning to migrate to Canada... and last but not least, she gets a letter from a dying man who says he is her father...
Carmen, 25 years old, lives in Africa, in the Spanish colony of Rio Muni in the 1950s. She has to leave the country after she murdered the son of the most powerful man of the colony, her husband-to-be who harassed her. She has to leave her true love, an African man, and her family to start her life again from scratch back in Spain.
Julia, in search for her true identity, goes to her supposed father's funeral in a remote village in Spanish countryside. By accident, she finds a hidden box with a dozen of note books. She has the diary of her grandmother, a woman called Carmen...