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The Children of the Century


(Les Enfants du siècle)

Director Diane Kurys

The film is set in 19th century France and is about two literary giants, George Sand and Alfred de Musset , whose love for each other spun out of control and ran wild, to play havoc with their lives, as well as everybody else's around them. A love so powerful, that for many it symbolised the rise and fall of romanticism. So often these days romanticism gets mistaken for sentimentality when in fact it is young, violent, passionate and untamable. By all accounts George Sand and Alfred de Musset should never have met. On paper he was a genius of a poet and playwright, but in life he was reckless, debauched dandy. A mother of two, Sand was born and raised in the country, nature was her spiritual guide. Home to him was a brothel, tavern or gambling den. Considered to be the most famous woman of the last century, she strove, all her life, to change the status of women in society, while Musset spent most of his life flirting with death. The one passion they shared was literature, but their love drove them to a point where they no longer knew whether they were creating their lives or writing about them..