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Ridley Road

TV Series, Color 2021, 4 Episodes x 1h

Director Lisa Mulcahy

Ridley Road tells the story of a young Jewish woman, Vivien Epstein. After falling in love with a member of the '62 Group', she rejects her comfortable middle-class life in Manchester, and joins the fight against fascism in London, risking everything for her beliefs and for the man she loves... Inspired by the struggle of the '62 Group', a coalition of Jewish men who stood up against rising neo-Nazism in post-war Britain, Ridley Road sees Vivien starting to work with them when she realises that Jack, her missing boyfriend has been badly injured. Vivien infiltrates the NSM, a neo-Nazi movement which is becoming increasingly prominent in London. As Vivien descends further into the fascist organisation her courage and loyalties are challenged.