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Pros and Cons - Season 2


(Friheden - Saeson 2)

TV Series, Color 2020, 8 Episodes x 1h

When the first season ended, we left Erik and Nina in their living room in Friheden, unemployed and in deep debt - but with a sense of optimism for the future. They are doing cons together again, just like they did when they were young and newly in love. When their bank adviser confronts them with their lack of retirement savings, the couple - helped by their daughter and her boyfriend - decides to infiltrate the international beauty industry for a con worth 7.5 million dollars. Nina discovers that the wealthy Frenchman Fabrice Fournier has set his sights on the Scandinavian skincare brand Amanda, and wants her hands in Fournier's wallet. Could this audacious new scam offer them the key to freedom at last?