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Pan Tadeusz: the Last Foray in Lithuania


(Pan Tadeusz)

Director Andrzej Wajda

Pan Tadeusz is a pastoral tale, an immense mock-heroic poem showcasing the sprawling beauty of vast Lithuanian horizons. As in Romeo and Juliet, two distinguished families are in conflict. Around 1793, the last great Lord Horeszko was murdered by Jacek Soplica who then received the castle from the Russians occupying the country at the time. Twenty years later, the murderer haunted by his evil deed, has become a monk to make amends. He now goes by the name of Robak. His brother, the Judge, has brought up the Horeszko's orphan daughter, Sophie. However, a distant cousin of Horeszko claims the castle. His faithful servant, Gervais - witness to the tragic murder - is inciting a revolt. He brings the local nobles together and leads them in an attack on the Soplicas' manor. They are now the Count's prisoners. Meanwhile the Russians attack, but things turn against them and the Lithuanians are victorious. This stormy situation occurs even as enormous changes are sweeping through Europe... in June 1812, Napoleon crosses the Nemen and marches on Moscow. Tadeusz and the Count leave to fight the Russians. Tadeusz returns a hero and marries Sophie. In the spring of 1812, Poles and the Lithuanians celebrate their victory and dance the Polonaise.