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On Death Row


(En el corredor de la muerte)

TV Mini-Series, Color 2019, 4 Episodes x 52min

27 June 1994. The dead bodies of a man and two women turn up in a house in a quiet Miami neighbourhood. Their bodies are riddled with bullets. The police find a video camera at the crime scene containing a recording of the murder. This recording will serve as the main evidence in the investigation: the blurred face of one of the assailants can be seen in the footage. Three weeks later in a police station in a different district, an officer sees Pablo Ibar, a Spaniard detained over an armed altercation and thinks he recognizes him from the blurred face in the video. However, Pablo swears he had nothing to do with the murder. None of the evidence found at the scene of the crime is conclusive or incriminating but this makes no difference. Pablo Ibar is tried and sentenced to death. This is the story of a family that refused to give up. The 25-year fight of a man to prove his innocence.