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TV Series, Color 2021, 8 Episodes x 45min

Director Lukasz Kosmicki

A drug deal between a prison guard and an inmate goes wrong and leads to the escape of the psychotic prisoner Emil Knapik. 24 hours pass before the police find him and once they do, the lives of two families linked to the penitentiary have been turned upside down. Rafal, the prison psychologist, is desperately searching for his teenage daughter Gabi, who has disappeared without a trace after going on a date night with her secret boyfriend Ariel. When Ariel's body is found dead in the river, the dramatic situation deepens as Gabi becomes the prime suspect. After two days of investigation, the police conclude that Ariel could have drugged Gabi and tried to rape her, but in an act of self-defence, she killed him and couldn't live with it, committing suicide. Rafal strongly believes his daughter is still alive and will do everything he can to find her at all costs, while trying to keep his family together as the spiralling desperation forces him to confront his marital crisis and the emotional distance with his other daughter. Meanwhile, a conspiracy of silence is growing around the tragic events. Who really killed Ariel and what happened to Gabi? The answer lies between Emil Knapik and the prison guards. As the truth becomes apparent, Rafal is a father with nothing to lose, because there is no hope left in him - only anger and revenge.