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Esther's Notebooks - Season 3


(Les Cahiers d'Esther - Saison 3)

TV Series, Color 2020, 55 Episodes x 02min

Over the course of three seasons, Esther writes about her life and the world around her in her secret diary. This faithful adaptation of the graphic novel Esther's Notebooks takes us into Esther's daily life at age 10 (season 1), 11 (season 2) and 12 (season 3): her school, her friends, her family. What does it take to become popular at school? What do you do if you're worried about the size of your breasts? What's it like to have a baby brother? Is there a God? Is it hard to live without a cell phone? Why are boys such jerks? What would you do if you were the first female French President? Format: 41 x 2 min + 4 specials