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César and Rosalie


(César et Rosalie)

Director Claude Sautet

In this story, two and two make three. Rosalie and David... Rosalie and César... César and David. Rosalie, beautiful and hard to manage had an affair with David; then he went away; then, she got married... not for long; she went her own way; and then she found César... César whose exuberant vitality satisfies Rosalie's terrific lust for life. César is a self-made man. He earns a lot of money by wrecking cars, subway cars, boats. He is crazy about poker and about Rosalie. And the girl for him is like a fifth ace up his sleeve. The end of the story ? No, the beginning! They don't get married and they don't have children... ...especially since David comes back... from long ago and far away!... David, who is still in love with Rosalie.