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May 11th, 2022

STUDIOCANAL today announce the 4K restoration of the THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE from surrealist Spanish auteur, Luis Buñuel, in celebration of the influential film’s 50th Anniversary. Released in 1972, the film was a significant international success and won Best Foreign Language Film at the 1973 Academy Awards®. The restored film will be available on UHD, Blu-ray and DVD in select territories.


THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE  will receive its home entertainment release via STUDIOCANAL in the UK, France and Germany in June 2022, followed by theatrical releases in France via Carlotta Films, and in the USA via Rialto Pictures later that same month.

Buñuel’s humorous satire depicts a group of friends – the Thévenots, the Sénéchals, Madame Thévenot’s younger sister Florence and Latin American ambassador Don Rafael Acosta – make repeated attempts to dine together, but are constantly frustrated by bizarre interruptions, including a series of dreams. The film stars Fernando Rey (TRISTANA, THE FRENCH CONNECTION), Paul Frankeur (THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY), Delphine Seyrig (LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL), Bulle Ogier (L’AMOUR FOU), Stéphane Audran (COUP DE TORCHON, BABETTE’S FEAST) and Jean-Pierre Cassel (MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS).

A brand-new trailer and poster have been created to promote the release. Argentinian artist, Juan Gatti, was commissioned to design the new artwork. Gatti is an award-winning graphic designer and a long-time collaborator with Pedro Almodóvar, having previously designed posters for VOLVER and TALK TO HER amongst others.

The Blu-ray and UHD editions will feature brand new bonus material. This will include a 30-minute featurette in which cinema critic and historian, Charles Tesson (author of Luis Buñuel, published by Cahiers du Cinéma in 1995), analyses the film. In addition, there will be three separate film clips deconstructed by Tesson.



The 4K restoration was produced by STUDIOCANAL in 2022 with the support of the CNC (Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée). Restoration work was carried out by the L’Image Retrouvée laboratory using elements stored in the French Film Archives. The original 35mm negative was scanned in 4K on Arriscan and, for certain parts of the negative that were too badly damaged, an interpositive was used to optimise the reproduction of the film in its original quality. Scratches, physical deteriorations and dust have been erased frame by frame. The colour grading was done with reference to the original 35mm elements in order to respect the image as supervised by the film’s director of photography Edmond Richard. The soundtrack has been restored from the original mix to recreate a sound consistent with the period.


SPECIAL FEATURES available on Blu-ray and UHD editions:

New: Critical Analysis by Charles Tesson

New: Analysis of 3 scenes from the film with critic Charles Tesson

Interview with writer Jean-Claude Carrière



© 1972 STUDIOCANAL – Dean Film S.R.L (Rome) – All rights reserved.


Home Entertainment release dates:

UK – STUDIOCANAL: June 20th 2022

FRANCE – STUDIOCANAL: June 22nd 2022



Theatrical release dates:

USA – RIALTO PICTURES: June 24th 2022 (Film Forum, New York)

FRANCE – CARLOTTA: June 29th 2022


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