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International Sales – Library (EMEA) : Pauline SAINT HILAIRE

International Sales – Library (America, Asia) :  Victoire LEFEVRE

International Sales – New Films :  Chloe MARQUET

International Sales – TV Series  Beatriz CAMPOS

Digital Sales : Aska YAMAGUCHI

International Distribution – New Films: Lorenzo RICCIARELLI

French TV / SVOD Sales :  Zelda CAMILLERI

UK TV / SVOD Sales :  Katheryn NEEDHAM

German TV / SVOD Sales :  Luca MEYER

AUS/NZ TV / SVOD Sales :  Louisa BAYLES

Remake requests (from a feature film) :  Charles RODRIGUEZ

Remake requests (from a TV series) :  Alix LEBRAT

Music Rights : Catherine SERRE

Licensing, consumer products and sponsorships based on films  : Valerie ROLANDEZ-BARRIOS

Use of clips or extracts from films and TV series, including screenshots and posters  : Dominique HASCOET-BRUNET