• STUDIOCANAL - Mulholland Drive
  • The STUDIOCANAL catalogue is one the most important in the world

    It includes 6,000 original titles from more than 60 countries and covers more than a century of the history of cinema.

  • STUDIOCANAL - Sammy's Adventures
  • STUDIOCANAL - The Pianist
  • STUDIOCANAL - Terminator 2 Judgement Day
  • STUDIOCANAL - La Grande Illusion
  • In addition to these titles for which the company owns the rights around the world, STUDIOCANAL also owns catalogues for which it manages the local rights in France, United Kingdom and Germany.
    This represents 10,000 films in Germany, 5,000 in France and 4,000 in the United Kingdom (an important part of these countries' national heritages).

  • STUDIOCANAL - Unknown
  • STUDIOCANAL - The Last Exorcism
  • In addition, STUDIOCANAL signed an agreement in 2010 to distribute approximately 400 titles from the prestigious Miramax catalogue in video and digital versions across Europe (and Russia).
    This catalogue includes the following Oscar winners: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, CHICAGO, THE ENGLISH PATIENT and the legendary PULP FICTION, KILL BILL I and II.

  • STUDIOCANAL - Pride & Prejudice
  • STUDIOCANAL - Million Dollar Baby
  • STUDIOCANAL - Basic Instinct
  • STUDIOCANAL - Sleepy Hollow
  • A digitisation process was started in 2005 to grant access to the largest possible number of these masterpieces and to perpetuate the catalogue.
    As of today, 2,000 films are available in a digital version, which include nearly 1,000 in HD.

  • STUDIOCANAL - Pulp Fiction
  • STUDIOCANAL - The Last Exorcism
  • Two high-end collections have been created: Arthaus in Germany and STUDIOCANAL Collection for International. They aim at offering the most significant films, restored in an exceptional quality.

  • STUDIOCANAL - Pride & Prejudice
  • STUDIOCANAL - Million Dollar Baby
  • STUDIOCANAL - Million Dollar Baby
  • STUDIOCANAL - The Third Man
  • The STUDIOCANAL Collection gathers 19 classics in Blu-Ray including THE PIANIST, CONTEMPT, MULHOLLAND DRIVE, etc.; these also include exclusive booklets written by specialists. This collection is available in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Benelux, New-Zealand and the U.S.A, and it will soon be available in Japan as well.

  • STUDIOCANAL - The Graduate
  • Arthaus is a genuine label. Founded in 1994, it provides masterpieces in very high quality (DVD, VOD or even in cinema), of films by Bergman, Chaplin, Welles, Wenders, Wong Kar-Wai, Truffaut, Fellini, etc. Arthaus also edits in DVD documentary films as well as concerts and dance performances under the label Arthaus Musik.

  • STUDIOCANAL - Die Blechtrommel
  • STUDIOCANAL - Die Feuerz Angenbowle
  • STUDIOCANAL - The Wrestler
  • STUDIOCANAL - The Tourist
  • STUDIOCANAL - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
  • STUDIOCANAL - Escape fron New York
  • STUDIOCANAL - Les Poupées Russes
  • STUDIOCANAL - Chicago