financial and technical management

STUDIOCANAL’s support department is the backbone of any decision taking, by  participating in the production  and distribution of  more than 45 recent films a year in its 3 territories and in promoting over 5,000 catalogue titles with mostly international rights, and 7,000 others with German rights.

The Financial team's role is to assist in business operations from acquisition to distribution and orient decision taking. Every CFO in each BU contributes to the strategic planning and analyses variances towards expectations. The team supports operations in all 4 Business Units and controls and monitors the group’s performance and operating result from Green Light to Ultimate profitability on a film by film basis.
The finance team brings their expertise in optimisation and structuring and is also involved in the negotiation of main acquisition or in distribution agreements. On a day to day basis, it challenges spends, valuation and opportunity.
A central unit consolidates the group reporting whist complying with the legal obligations and participating in optimising processes.
The Royalty team’s role is to fulfil our commitments to 3rd parties (more than 10 000) and guarantees the correct retribution to them. This is achieved by the combination of revenue analysis and cash collection from distributors on the one hand and perfect knowledge and analysis of the acquisition contract terms on the other hand. STUDIOCANAL is also investing in state of the art systems to continually improve the quality of service it brings to its partners. 

The Technical department’s first mission is to deliver our clients by handling material from 35 mm to 2K and 4K.   It also plays a major role in enhancing and safeguarding our film library catalogue by restoring films from European and American film Heritage into HD master data.
The team dedicates its time and motivation to acquiring, dubbing and subtitling, converting and delivering the best material to our clients all around the world.
Last, the DVD production team always makes sure to provide the Home Entertainment activities with the best possible content.

legal management & business affairs

The Legal Management department of STUDIOCANAL intervenes in each step of the various company activities: from the films’ acquisition or co-production (as well as distribution orders of the latter) to the operating of the rights affiliated with those films in France and abroad. Thus, the department writes the contracts that are the fundaments of STUDIOCANAL’s rights (co-production or acquisition, catalogue’s acquisitions, or even companies that might own up to several dozen films) and finally distribution orders.

The database is managed by a dedicated sub-department within Legal Management that is in charge of listing the rights owned by STUDIOCANAL to the 5,000 films registered in its catalogue.
Every year, the films’ copyrights are the subject of over a hundred negotiations for their renewal. These negotiations allow the Sales Departments to run the works worldwide.

The Legal Management department also oversees the follow-up of the relations with the professional audiovisual organisations (producers and authors) as well as with the French Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC: National Cinema Centre).