production (france)

STUDIOCANAL acts as a co-producer on about twenty films every year, of which half are in English.
STUDIOCANAL’s investment in the movie is financial, but the company’s intervention also goes beyond money, as it also intervenes in the writing, as well as in the artistic choices with regards to the film. Of course this work is always done in close collaboration with the line producer.
It might also happen that STUDIOCANAL provides technical support for the line producer for structuring his financial plan or searching for partners.

Finally, STUDIOCANAL might in some cases take part in the development of a project by financing the preliminary writing and feasibility reports. In this case and once the project is completed, STUDIOCANAL has the priority in co-producing the project.

theatrical distribution (france)

The theatrical distribution teams follow all the steps of a film-life, from the end of the filming to its release on screen. This very large scope of action includes the marketing, press relations and relations with the exhibitors. Over the course of time, STUDIOCANAL has created very close relations with the latter. Both organisations prepare the releases together, meet each other at events specifically organised for them.

STUDIOCANAL distributes around fifteen feature films every year in France. The latter are mostly issued by the French production, international STUDIOCANAL productions and acquisitions.

home entertainment (france)

The HOME ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT has three main activities: Video France, Digital operation and TV France.

VIDEO FRANCE has two main activities
- DVD and Blu-ray editing (production, manufacturing, marketing)
- Marketing and distribution of DVD and Blu-ray through Universal Pictures Vidéo.
This concerns all the STUDIOCANAL films released as well as the titles in the library. STUDIOCANAL also manages the release of many “non-film” video programs, such as short programs, humour performances, CANAL+ original creations and various series from the Group’s channels. All this represents around a hundred new productions per year.

DIGITAL OPERATION: STUDIOCANAL is determined to give access to its works to the largest possible audience. These works might be the most recent films (HOLLYWOO, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, BILLY and BUDDY, etc.) as well as classics in its heritage catalogue (GRANDE ILLUSION, PLEIN SOLEIL...). Today, over 2,000 films (of which approximately 1,000 are HD films) are online on various platforms. STUDIOCANAL was the first studio to widely open its catalogue to VOD and EST operators and sites as early as 2005. STUDIOCANAL is also expanding into as many platforms as possible (it has about 20 agreements so far), on all networks and in all universes (telecommunication operators, TV channels, video-game and IT sector players, etc.), and focusing its efforts on developing HD and multilingual content. At the heart of innovation, STUDIOCANAL is also the first French studio that offered feature films on mobile phones (I DO, DISCO, etc.), opened its catalogue to subscription VOD and marketed a new film in 3D VOD (SAMMY'S ADVENTURES: THE SECRET PASSAGE).

The management of the TV FRANCE department oversees the sales of the 5,000 titles from the STUDIOCANAL catalogue to the French, French-speaking Belgian and Swiss television channels. The variety of the offerings allows work with all general interest or theme channels, free or pay channels. Though feature films are the core activity, this management supervises also the sales of American series or previously unreleased TV films.

heritage and restoration

The Restoration Department of STUDIOCANAL is responsible for the preservation and enrichment of a library containing over 5,000 European and American titles. This department manages the material of DVD and Blu-disc releases as well as re-released titles from the STUDIOCANAL catalogue. This department also restores films in digital or high-definition.
Each year, 5% of STUDIOCANAL investment goes to the conservation of this priceless heritage.

As part of its heritage policy, STUDIOCANAL collaborates with institutions such as the Cinémathèque Française (French film institute), Archives Françaises du film (French film archive) in France and the BFI in London, UK.
In 2012, STUDIOCANAL restored GRAND ILLUSION by Jean Renoir in collaboration with the Cinémathèque de Toulouse (Toulouse Film Library). In 2013, PLEIN SOLEIL by René Clément was restored in collaboration with Cinémathèque Française and the support of the Franco American Cultural Fund.